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There are two ways to look younger as you get older. And oddly, they seem to be exact opposites: coloring your hair and going grey.

How To Color Yourself Younger!

How To Color Yourself Younger!

Each requires care and consideration, so let’s look at both of them.

Choosing Grey: If cared for wisely, a head of snowy white hair can be very attractive on a woman. Choose special shampoos and conditioners to keep those lovely locks from turning brittle and yellow. This will also help to brighten your complexion.

Shorter cuts tend to be more stylish on silver foxes. Think Helen Mirren. She looks fabulous! But you’ll notice she’s also kept her hairstyle shorter which is far more flattering.

Color: Coloring cuts down on the natural dryness of grey hair. It also boosts body and adds fullness to thinning hair. Color brightens your eyes and makes your skin more radiant.

Add highlights for more softness. They add dimension, making you look fresh and radiant. Coloring does require touch ups about every four weeks.

And you’ll want to invest in the right shampoos and conditioners to keep hair looking beautiful.

But whatever you choose to do, we’ll be there to help you do it beautifully!